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    November 17, 2012
    11:45 - 12:00am EST  

. he has two emmies and a couple of peabody awards. >> just a couple. >> yeah. >> and a show in the ratings. they have really arrived. >> and he has a wax twin beth parker was there for the unveiling. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: steven colbair calls it the greatest gift of all, himself. >> ladies and gentlemen, there comes a time in every great man's life when he must be cast in wax, if only to remove
unwanted body hair. >> reporter: at madame tousseau's in downtown d.c., he was immortalized today. >> i want to thank everyone at madame tousseau's for the honor of becoming the latest wax ican american. being in wax is true immortality, as long as the earth is not in any way getting warmer. >> reporter: the comedy central host sat for hours for a mold to be made. artists sat four to six months creating the figure. >> turned out i learned this. just a moment ago that on the color wheel, they sending the ring tone to romney voters. one, two, me! >> reporter: it's him down to the signature eyebrow and the finger points. >> it's 100% accurate. i'm happy to say down to every freckle, every wrinkle and
hair. >> reporter: so you have an idea where he is in the museum, that is him over there down the hallway. oprah, katie couric, al roker. this is larry king and one of larry king's groupies. >> what does it look like to be ith me? [ laughter ] >> reporter: he was raised in south carolina but born in washington. so, he said he enjoys visiting d.c. >> reminds me of my infancy. >> a lot of spitting up? >> and a lot of infantile behavior. >> reporter: he said his kids will visit the wax museum. will it freak them out? >> of course, it freaks me out. >> reporter: when asked if he has a message for congress. >> are they distill -- they're still here? >> they still here. >> all of them? >> okay. >> reporter: speaking of shirking responsibilities. >> this old fill so going to come in to handy the next time i'm called to jury duty. >> reporter: he enjoyed being graced by his own presence.
>> um, um. [ laughter ] >> can i lick me? you can't lick me. >> too late. [ laughter ] >> reporter: in washington, beth parker, fox five news. >> i love him. even more so now that i can go to madame tousseau's and touch him. the joys of life. >> oh, yes. speaking of the joys of life. >> yes. >> just ahead, a joyful day for several parents in the district who welcome new editions to the families. coming up, the touching moments from d.c.'s adoption day. >> and as most of us gear up for black friday markdowns, employees are getting ready to protest. what has wal-mart workers up in arms. we're going to tell you next. 
. it's the greatest gift to
give a child. a permanent family. for dozens of d.c. area children waiting for parents, today was the day the adoptions became final. audrey barns has more. >> say thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: mark and diane williams first met mary at saint ann an's hospital in july of 2010, a preemie weighing two pounds and 10 ounces. they took her into their oxen hill home as foster parents, loved and nourished her up to her current weight of 23 pounds and started working right away to make her theirs forever. >> i said i didn't care how long it took as long as we got her and it was a happy day today. >> reporter: happy, because today their adoption was finalized with 20 other families at d.c.'s annual adoption day ceremony. the event not only celebrating the joy of adoption, but it's meant to consider others to consider adopting or fostering
a child. right now, there are 120 children in pc foster care waiting for adoptive families. mary is the ninth child the williams have fostered. >> mary's the one that we got to adopt out of nine children. we're happy for her and my family. >> reporter: it took two years for the day to come, but the weight is over. >> there is paperwork, reports, court hearings -- all kinds of things that go into finalizing the adoption and we were just so happy that we were able to -- and that mary is officially part of the williams' family. >> reporter: mark williams said he almost can't put into words what it means to finally be a dad for life. >> a big commitment. it's a life commitment. it's normal, i mean. >> for life. >> reporter: audrey barnes, fox 5 news. >> if you're interested in adopting a child, we have the number for the d.c. child and
family services hotline. it's 202-671-love or 5683. >> what a wonderful story. >> i love that. >> every year we show it and it touches the heart. >> yeah. thanksgiving is a few days away and that means a lot of holiday shopping for consumers looking to cash in on black friday deals. >> and this year, the bargains are beginning earlier than ever. >> reporter: every year, people line up early to get the black friday sales. this year, black friday is starting on thursday and stores will be opening earlier than ever. >> they want to shop early, they want to shop early. >> reporter: for the first time, wal-mart, sears, and toys "r" us will open at 8:00 p.m. on thanksgiving night. target will open at 9. best buy, sports authority, macy's, and kohl's will open at midnight. more stores opening at midnight. >> other places are doing it, you better do it or they won't have mean left when it comes
time for your opening. >> i think it's a positive thing to do. >> reporter: some shoppers are thrilled. >> i think it's a good thing. then you don't have to wake up at 3 in the morning and wait in line in the freezing cold. >> reporter: others think it's a terrible idea. >> i think it's a shame. there are some special days out of the year. >> reporter: many want to save the holiday as a time to spend with family. >> you want to go shopping on thanksgiving or have turkey? >> i want to have turkey. >> reporter: an online petition on asked target to take the high road and save thanksgiving by not opening on that day. more than 170,000 people have signed. one person calling the early opening a tad evil to make people work that holiday. for many, people wanting one of the door buster prices -- [ indiscernible ] -- it all seems worth it. wal-mart employees may walk out on the job on black friday. some but not all. the judged to push the chain to
give workers better pay and benefits by making a point on a very busy day. >> a lot of them have to work may not walk out, but a lot of them are proud of being the ones that are going to walk out. they want to walk out. >> it's not clear whether any stores in our area will be affected. wal-mart is opening earlier for those big black friday sales. in fact, they starting on thanksgiving night. >> hmm, okay. sports is up next when the news returns. the wizards are the only nba team without a victory. >> and they try to sing a winning tune against the visiting utah jazz. lindsay murphy is up next in sports. >> what a nice day. take a look at the temperatures. a bit of a warm flow as far as the east coast is concerned to the south. he's where the cooler weather is. it is it headed our way? the full details are just ahead.